Temporary locations or "Pop-Up" stores is a retail trend that has been gaining momentum as retailers are looking to test new markets, new concepts or for the old standby, seasonal locations. These seasonal stores can add a much-needed boost to a company's seasonal sales, but these same locations run the very real risks that shrink or loss could erode the revenue benefits. Although increased revenue is a great story to tell, it is disappointing to learn after the fact that these locations did not give the boost you expected!


LPI has developed and executed seasonal or temporary location programs designed specifically to the unique environments of these store types. Our programs are ready to be implemented quickly, effectively and across the United States and Canada.The benefits of our temporary or seasonal store program bring to your company:


  • A nationwide team to provide store visits and "stop-ins" to ensure compliance with key policies and procedures.

  • A team of professional retail investigators to handle timely incident resolution involving theft, money loss and certain human resource issues.

  • Customized programs co-designed to take your full-line location policies and procedures and incorporate the uniqueness of your temporary locations.

  • More than a decade of proven results working in seasonal environments with various retail segments.

  • A cost effective financially packaged solution so you know your costs from the start of the program. Contact us for a free consultation on your seasonal or temporary retail locations.


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An eight step process that focuses on the keys to prevention of loss within temporary or seasonal locations. Derived from over a decade of proven results, these steps help increase profitability while decreasing "seasonal" losses.